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Office Rental in Kyiv


We faced a challenging task – to develop a web platform for an office rental agency in Kyiv. Our goal was to create a convenient and interactive website that helps clients quickly find suitable office spaces.

**Main Implemented Features:** 1. **Filters by Kyiv Districts:** We added a filtering function for office spaces based on the districts of the city of Kyiv. Now clients can select offices according to their location preferences. 2. **Interactive Map:** We developed an interactive map where clients can easily view the location of each office. This adds an extra level of convenience when choosing a space. 3. **Administrative Panel:** We created an administrative panel where managers can manage information about office spaces, including their location on the map. 4. **Interactive Floor Plans and Layouts:** We implemented the ability to add interactive floor plans and layouts so that clients can easily assess the organization of the space. 5. **Mobile Adaptation:** The website remains mobile-friendly, ensuring ease of use on different devices. **Conclusion:** The created website focus.co.ua now provides clients with all the necessary tools for quick and convenient searching, selection, and leasing of office spaces in Kyiv. Additional filters by districts, an interactive map, and information about the location of offices on floor plans make the selection process even more intuitive and informative. The administrative panel facilitates content management for managers and maintains the data's relevance on the website.