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Online store selling socks


We were approached by a representative of the Intelligent Organism brand with a request to create an online shop to sell their socks. The main objective of the project is to develop a functional and attractive online shop that will allow customers to buy high quality socks easily and conveniently.
First of all, we have to create an aesthetically pleasing website design, consistent with the brand identity of Intelligent Organism. The design should emphasize the quality and uniqueness of socks, as well as provide easy navigation and an intuitive interface for users.
To implement the sale of socks, we need to create a product catalogue where each sock will be presented with a photo, description, price and available size options. Customers should be able to add selected socks to the shopping cart and make a purchase using a secure checkout process.
Additionally, we may add a product filtering function based on various criteria such as colour, size, style and collection, so that customers can quickly find the socks they are interested in.
We will also make it possible to create an account for customers, where they can save their data, view their order history and track delivery status.
To ensure the security of customer data, we will apply state-of-the-art encryption and data protection methods. It is also important to integrate payment systems to accept different payment methods such as credit cards, e-wallets or bank transfers.
We will also provide a ratings and reviews function so that customers can share their impressions of Intelligent Organism socks and help other shoppers make product selection decisions.

We successfully developed an online shop for the Intelligent Organism brand to meet the customer's requirements. Here is a detailed description of the work done: Website design: We created an attractive and modern design that reflects the uniqueness and quality of Intelligent Organism socks. We paid special attention to the corporate colours, logo and brand identity. Site navigation has become intuitive and the user interface has become user-friendly and easy to use. Product catalogue: We have developed a full-featured product catalogue where each sock is presented with detailed descriptions, photos, available sizes and prices. Customers can browse goods by different categories and use the filter function to quickly find the right socks. Checkout: We have created a convenient checkout process where customers can select socks, add them to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. We have integrated a secure payment gateway which allows customers to pay for orders securely using different payment methods. Customer Accounts: For the convenience of customers, we have added a feature to create accounts. Customers can register to save their details, view order history and track delivery status. This allows for greater personalisation and convenience in the shopping experience. Ratings and reviews: We have introduced a ratings and reviews function where customers can share their impressions of Intelligent Organism socks. This helps other customers make informed decisions and improves trust in the brand. Sock gift kit builder: Additionally, we have created a unique sock gift kit builder on request. This constructor allows customers to choose different models and sizes of socks to create a personalised and personalised gift. We have developed a custom designer menu, which is not provided by default in the WordPress platform, to achieve unique functionality and customer satisfaction. The sock set builder menu has been designed with the logic of selecting and combining different models and sizes of socks in mind. Customers can choose from the range provided and add them to their set. We have also added the ability to view a preview of the created set so that customers can evaluate its appearance before buying it. Importantly, we have taken into account the automatic calculation of the total cost of the set created, which allows customers to see up-to-date cost information and make changes to their choices if necessary. As a result, the online shop for selling Intelligent Organism brand socks was designed with all customer requirements in mind. The site offers a user-friendly interface, a full-featured product catalogue, secure payment options, customer accounts and additional functionality in the form of a gift sock set builder.