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Website development for Big Kid Circus Uk


The circus approached us to develop a website that would allow customers to book and buy tickets for shows in different cities. In addition, the main objective of the project is to create a way for the circus to create shows, display seats and generate tickets on the website.

First of all we have to develop a website design that will be displayed on all devices such as computers, tablets and mobile devices. We must also ensure that it is easy to navigate and has a user interface that is user-friendly for all customers, regardless of their technical knowledge.

To implement the booking and ticketing function, we should create a page where customers can select the date and city where they want to attend the show. After selecting the city and date, customers should be able to select the seats they want to book. We must also provide a secure process for paying for tickets on the website.

To create new shows and show places, we must create a page where the circus administrator can log in to his profile and use a special tool to create shows. The administrator must be able to select the date, city, start time and duration of the show, and add information about which acts will be included in the show and how many seats will be available for booking. Once the show has been created, the administrator must be able to display the seats for reservations on a special page.

Finally, for generating tickets on the website, we should create a special tool that will automatically generate tickets after successful payment. Each ticket should contain information about the show, date, time, place and price.

We must also ensure good security and protection of customers’ personal data, as well as provide protection against possible cyber-attacks and unauthorised access to the database with reservation and ticket purchase information.

Additionally, for your convenience, we can provide a search function and filter shows by city, date, genre or artist. This will help users quickly find shows they are interested in.

It is also important to consider integration with payment systems so that customers can use different payment methods such as credit cards, e-wallets or bank transfers.

In addition, a newsletter subscription function can be added so that customers can be informed about new shows, special offers and discounts.

We successfully developed a website for the circus on the WordPress platform with the necessary functionality to meet the customer's requirements. Here is a detailed description of the work done: Website design: We created a modern and attractive design that displays adaptively on various devices. We paid special attention to ease of navigation, an intuitive user interface and aesthetic aspects to ensure that the website attracts attention and motivates customers to buy tickets. Ticket booking and purchase: We have created a separate page where customers can select the city and date of the desired show. Once selected, users can view the available seats and select the seats they want to book. We have integrated a secure payment gateway that allows customers to pay securely online for tickets using various payment methods. Show creation and seating: We have developed a special control panel for the circus administrator, where they can create a new show, specify the city, date, start time and duration of the show, and add information about the numbers to be included in the show. The administrator has the possibility to create seats for booking on a special page, specifying the available seats, prices and restrictions. Ticket Generation: Upon successful completion of the ticket purchase, electronic tickets are automatically generated for the customers. The tickets contain information about the show, date, time, place and price. Customers can save their tickets electronically or print them out for use at the event. Search and filter shows: We have added a search and filter function that allows users to quickly find shows of interest to them. Customers can filter shows by city, date, genre or artist to find the most suitable performances. To integrate the PayPal payment system, we have implemented a corresponding module on the circus website. Customers can now use their PayPal accounts or pay for tickets using the credit and debit cards linked to their PayPal account. The PayPal integration provides a fast and secure payment process and allows customers to use a variety of payment methods, increasing convenience and flexibility when purchasing tickets. We have also considered the importance of data security and applied appropriate measures to protect users' personal information and their payment details. The entire transaction and payment processing is conducted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to ensure confidentiality and data integrity. In addition, we provided guidance and support to circus administrators on setting up and managing a PayPal account so that they could effectively track and manage payments received from ticket sales. As a result, with the integration of PayPal, the circus website has a convenient and secure payment system that provides a comfortable interaction with customers and satisfies their ticketing needs